Saturday, 26 April 2008

we tend towards more ambiguity.
i take a breather,sit down in the dark heat in a corridor. she stares at the brick wall in front of me. The text my eyes glanced over during the day takes shape ,brings out colour,moves from crisp type to fumigating pollen spraying human forms. i reach out for the device. an out of breath voice echoes from it.all else is silent.we laugh in the stillness. hollow laughs. my head starts thinking again,wills the unsure voice to stop ringing through the corridors,pleads it to stop.i kill the dialogue. bring in the silence again,it stares at me,voluptuous,purple,heaving in time with the heat.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

silver bangle

short gasps.
around the bend,over the hill,behind the boulder
you were up there and i knew it.i could feel it.
you were there and i could do nothing but be in the vicinity.
i waited.
you didn't come down.
i marveled.