Monday, 16 February 2009

might I confess a latest addiction..
speaking to strangers in even stranger lands on work
stifling grins while wondering about the weather across telephone lines
loving for example, that a Mr Galuszka is aware of matters
Ga looo szzka.
my life is brilliant.
and i will never stop being amused by the puddles of water
a thought occurred
based on a couple of dreams I’ve been having,and well,on real life as well..
it’s about this girl and the mad people in her’s about the people becoming the monsters she dreamt them to be in her most paranoid your worst fears are just waiting to be thought by you.and life will take just the turns you think out for it..she ends up comforting the people she has ended up wreaking such havoc on..
because everything(….applause please) is in your head. no?


Saturday, 14 February 2009

those were strange times
She stepped back after the three year hurricane and look at the abstract collage of things that had been, since she'd checked last..
you know the sort of list one comes up with..especially when one has no time for the sort of list..
how many guys were slapped?
how many people walked away?
who was left?
how many animals reached out?(and I do mean non humans…lol)
how many books ?

she removes her bangle when she thinks
as soon as she picked a book though,the only thing she was concerned with was when she’d finish it.