Friday, 16 April 2010

cutting chai

home made 'cutting' carrier
notice how the design of the metal mimics the body language of the chai wala !?!

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unnati and abhinav and I are here in Mukundgarh to make a film,..Unnati's film,a documentary, on her ancestral village, Mukundgarh, we've come here way early (the rest of the crew joins us later) to let the town seep in a little into the blood circulation.

And the seeping has been potent, I find myself waking at 6 am to catch the shadows forming on the terrace of the beautiful haveli we live in. Simple lines are amusing. It's so quiet,that I can hear myself think.Then I stop thinking.

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waiting in the sun

mukundgarh makes you feel like it's waiting for something

waiting for a person

a celebration

a mourning sometimes

the furniture waits,the sun passes over. politely. searing its path through

the people stare into the distance

quite like the faces in the frescoes

plastic bags slide past on the empty road scratching noisily at the surface

sluggish, heavy

the streets speak strange languages here

sound echoes

the scratching sounds incredibly close

LPG cylinders travel the same way the plastic bags do

people are shy, they can be woken into curiosity

they need their space though,and it's an idea I've come to work out as a method in my head for some time now

I give them space in the compositions too on this 8 Mpix cam I accidentally got my hands on.

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mukundgarh electric

after a long time ceramic diodes stare me in the face from the tops of electric cum street lamp posts(you can just about see them glint in these dark photographs)

i don't think i ever studied about them in engineering,these beautifully shining ceramic pieces caught in the jumble of wires,

we skipped past the obsolete pieces,such as these ceramic fixtures,while studying electrical components.

one just about studied enough for the exams, and writing thoses exams were what i'd imagined arranged marriages to be like, you get strapped to each other and then you don't do the parts which you were never asked about. Perhaps in rebellion.

anyway, these guys,up there have been reduced to abstract art in old towns like mukundgarh,at night time they seem to coax the old crumbling frescoes back to life

very functional pieces of abstract art.

i can't imagine why i didn't study about them, the damned things, how the hell can you know what it means to have electricity if you don't know how these beautiful creatures keep this little town's pulse going!

i guess engineering missed all the interesting bits.

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