Saturday, 29 May 2010

careful in my emma thompson voice

i seemed to have had a brilliant bit of sleep
i woke up and had these thoughts of utter clarity
i understood some things about people i thought i had understood long ago
we move from relationship to relationship
with dogs and cats and men and women
and reach points when we must part
the scene changes
it is morning again
and we sit looking at our spent hands
wondering at their capacity at working the earth,at how we tilled and tilled with them

i know now that i mustn't wonder
life is like an infinite dance
you never lose people
if you have worked hard enough with your senses when they were around you,that is,
they always give parts of themselves for you to keep
and with it the freedom to give it to others
it's always the parts that they tend to have deeply contemplated upon that I end up having in my lap by the end of it
and I am happy for it
happy for all chewed-on thoughts
thoughts like books
like films
like music
real-life-people-thoughts are so much more fun sometimes
so raw, and smelly,
like time, really,
to extrapolate,..much like, well, this line I overheard emma thompson recite in a film(oh and how she does recite, warm fuzz everytime in the cockles of me heart) she comes now....
time moves so slowly. it weighs down. while time, in fact is so scarce.

did you hear it in her voice?
i sit sometimes and listen to my thoughts in her voice
it helps in things like clarity
no garble
pristine words
not vague
not pausing too long
careful with the punctuation.

Friday, 28 May 2010

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i used to take pictures of my life sitting on one of these benches at a point, about 5 years ago
it's about the same time this whole catching images thing started, I guess
I used to purse up my eyes shut tight and will the moment I was living to be recorded hereby in my head.

Monday, 24 May 2010

the wrotten word

"...according to the legend, the dragons remember your name in the old language. and you must never disclose this name. to tell anyone your dragon name is to give them power over you. any time they call out to you, you have to go to them, you are drawn to them.

that afternoon in your house, i felt as if i was telling you my dragon name. and now you know it and you can do with it what you will."

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