Friday, 25 December 2009

i've forgotten how to use the apostrophe.
a couple of days back i thought about the people who can't get their apostrophes right
and then bam! in a flash i couldn't remember how to use it
and i haven't figured it since
if i read about it, it sounds like wren and martin all over again
and i still don't know what code they wrote in, in that book.
then i found this...
sagmeister. . and his apostrophe in the 'letter elimination business'.. 
i like him sticking to the type language consistently through the form,nice quite..

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

i had a lecturer who made me feel like this once.
since then there has been Pang..

must go find more echoing walls

Sunday, 20 December 2009

in reply to the email i never received

about music and the moving object(let's call it that shall we? and shall we also assume that all perspectives on 'found objects' which i might proceed to address here now are completely mine, and are based on all that i can show up as experience,i am not generalising,not compartmentalising,in all probability my opinion might change,but here it is nonetheless left to stand on its own in the sun for a bit. ..all charactersarefictiousanyresemblancetopersonslivingordeadbleepbleepyeah....)

music is a series of objects appearing, the 'layering'..the appearance of one layer after another is all part of the pace I'm trying to build. it changes with mood.i figured this a long while ago,though as is always the case i had no clue what i was doing, it led me to read poetry again strangely...baudelaire, nabokov,godard :) and as i read more up on it and came across the name of the classification for such appearances on sound ... synaesthesia ( i also realised i did not have it.dammit.)
anyway, when disney made fanatasia all that time back it was not synaesthetic either. i got an old vhs of it from the kmc and saw it. nada. not.
as usual an impressive product though.
sometimes i pick the half notes as my foundation, sometimes i wait for the thing the guy puts in for his own amusement and accompany it with a repetitive motif for MY amusement...kind of bring it(the sound) out of the woodworks for a bit,with respect though,not too much out now.
about collecting sound and taking it from there, i dunno...i don't think there's enough time to compile ALL the sounds that strike and then play backgammon with it(speaking of which,we need to play it,backgammon...its sound and visual in little black and white markers), i think aiming to do that will make an epic of an experiment. and then you'll forget where you started from. i suggest writing, not about the theory but the visuals that you see, the moods ignited,colour,.. keep your footage as layer one, write out what it feels like in more visuals, examples from your daily life if you will, and then leave it free for your friend of sound to produce. that itself will be a stunner. because by that time you should be ready to string the original thought-what came of it- the thought now- the idea of sound for now- and then his idea of your sound.
it sounds like fun.
only you'll have to keep the feet rooted
grow your antlers, so to speak.

i think putting it into words demystifies the goosebumps. but then. if it provides for a board and spring spring. why not ?
the later i sit working
the more complicated my methods of solving problems get.
last night i sat at 3 am and made a complex set of 7 layers
i looked at it in the morning and tick marked one box.
7 layers sat in the rain.
it was like putting the lights off on a dirty garage.
i am many people.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

tired animals

recent explorations are bearing fruit.
siddhartha is here and it feels great to have someone who understands the language in the same room.
mumbai is a sad city
traffic,strangers you do hurried work with, and the internet,...that's what this city seems to be about
the clubs are filled with lonely people
they take pictures of themselves constantly
the camera seems to be an important alibi for most of them
everyone is locked into the feed..
it reminds me of the time in kerala when my grandfather passed away. the funeral was a dull green event. he was in the drawing room with people all around and when it was time to take him to the cemetery, people crowded in family order to take photographs with that ghost like thing lying down which looked liked nothing like my grandpa anymore. i refused to be a part of this ceremony.
but as my mom reminded me ,these are established societal practices.
one must do them. there will be an album.
who are the mysterious viewers of such albums?

the only times it does seem to live,this heaving tired animal which is young mumbai,is when the positive energy is imported from elsewhere..
recently i was relieved to see it when our set from London were down to perform.
it had a pulse. i can see some light.

i decided it was time the place spoke back to me. hell,i spend days waking and working here.
they mustn't be lost in the flurry,...( when you travel a lot these sort of instincts tend to kick in )
so.i moved to a new place.
i've got a huge window in front of my bed and like it has been the routine through the Army life I have built my encampment.
the sunlight enters at the right angles through the window.
and i have started writing again.