Sunday, 13 September 2009

Here are lines from a ghazal I found...
"I lost my beloved,I looked for him everywhere.
I looked for him in the hills,
I looked for him by the sea,
I found him at last
In the corner of my house."
It is strange how much space the camera catches in a single frame.
Why only that much?
and why so much?
As you move away from the mountains they seem to inch closer to you.They show you their real height,see?
But you have to get close enough first.
I saw that in their frank portrayal of horror,of anger,desire,greed and lust for power,they do not merely terrify the onlooker,they gave him an opportunity to confront those parts of his energies which he was repressing,to confront ,understand and master them,to turn them,as the Oracle had turned her hysteria,into a power to heal.

I remember feeling something like this but I don't remember where...
i think I've seen that violence in me.

There will be a character who will die while looking at the picture.The picture he has been in love with.

Unrelated all. But they fit.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

where are the madwomen in my attic oi?!

for all my women who've stood by me through these wonderfully windy times
who've spared me the who are you and what are you about look.


in a world full of people only some want to fly
isn't that crazy?
yes, we're never gonna survive
we get a little crazy


love and then so much more love to you.
the age of the drifting souls

i will try to make my peace with it.
or this tape will just keep playing and playing again
and i'll fix it every time
but one day the words will be garbled
we will not hear the tune
and then what will we do with this obsolete means of entertainment?