Saturday, 16 January 2010


i've had a headache for a couple of days now..
and so i filled the days with alcohol,espresso shots,lots of sleep and lots of films
the head ache and all the above didn't stop the hoard of voices i usually have at the back of my head,neither did it stop their endless discussions. all projects i have ever worked on reach newer states of evolution without my trying...
all it's done for me,'the changing-clothes-brushing-teeth-polite-smiling' me is made my tongue taste like cardboard.
and as a new development(I've never felt this way before), while walking down the streets of the city ,headache and voices and all in tow, I've started picturing myself as this oriental middle aged man for some reason.
lost me there?
see,whenever i feel slightly out of sorts,or physically ill, or in a strenuously tense spot i usually watch myself like a surveillance camera ...walking the street ,or sitting in the room, or talking to someone from an angle,slightly diagonal and toppish.
this time the cam caught me as the oriental middle aged man.
caught me off guard, that one.
why those eyes particularly?

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